by Rivals

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Max Van Heusden - Vocals
Izaac Calrow - Drums
Jake Calrow - Guitar


released March 4, 2014

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Denham Lee & Michal Mis.
Guest vocals by Josh Gower, Dylan Davidson & Hayden Edwards.

Artwork - Aaron Glass of Monument Production Collective.



all rights reserved


Rivals Brisbane, Australia

Rivals are a four piece metal outfit hailing from Brisbane, QLD.

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Track Name: Deceit

I know how hard it is to make a change,
It seems to me you'll always stay this way.
Society is dead to me,
Where is the love we all once kept in within arms reach?

My hands are bound to this rope tied to deceit you've spread.
I've had enough this time, I'm leaving this all behind.

I have strong motives, to achieve the right from wrong.
The questions begin before they end, Itís easy to see it starts with you.

The vultures linger and wolves feast on your past.
These were your clean up your mess.

To the few remaining indifferent, find persistence to push on.

You have no reason, to question me.
Thoughtless ranting, is what you'll always be.

We're all waiting for the chance that hope will find a way,
but nothing will change the fact, my future is empty..

Bring it back.
Where is your faith?

I've heard poor excuses and yours are no different.
Your words are empty, and your actions are the same.
They never change.

You're dead to me.

Let me be free from this deceit.

Stand up for a higher call.
As one we will regain our independence.
Bring back the selfless love, Where is your heart?
Track Name: Visceral Ft. Dylan Davidson | Deadlights

Do you feel the burn?
Can you hear the screaming?
People are trapped inside themselves.
Untie these chains from my feet.
Let's open our minds,
For the sky we embrace
Find your place and set it free.
For we hold the key to everything
And everyone,
I am coming home tonight.

I'll hold the cards in my life,
These memories of mental hardships fade away.

You can't stop the flare we have gained from our hope.

Standing unmovable from this mountain top, I scream.
You can't stop me now.
Though we hear the whispers echo through inside and into our minds,
Embrace the facts, not the lies.

You can't tell me to replicate these aspirations that run through your mind..
I refuse. I will stand my ground.

Trying to find the simple way out,
but there is none in this situation..
Reach out and do the best you can,
but nothing can stop this asphyxiation.

It's not the first time..
That I've had to force my way into delirium.
Nor is it the last, I've got half in mind to set you apart and throw you back to the start
Where it all began,
before we found the thrill in diverting from the master plan.
It's not the same with all these goals.
Reminding you, you once had it all.

We will never give up,
even with a daunting process.
I will find my way, through the dark.
Just take this setting sun and put it in my heart.
Standing unmovable from this mountain top I scream,
You can't stop us now.
Track Name: Dead Profits Ft. Josh Gower

I thought you'd be the one to reject their ideals and block their static sounds.
Saved one last breath, so make this count.

You cannot promise, yourself a clear conscience
because you know your mind isn't at an ease.
Nothing will take this from me.

We are the children of the revolution.

Lock your doors the snakes are out in the streets.
Their sliding past the gates.

Can't you see past your profits is money all we really think about,
Is it all we really need?
Can't you see past your profits as we're all just puppets.
We're all just puppets, cut those strings.

Burn a path from here to where you want to be.
When were not together, we are enemies..

Your perspectives are irrelevant.
Why would I listen to those who don't hear?
I am not tied to a leash of those before me &
the future shouldn't be so clear.

Why don't we pull together to create the tide,
that will push the shore forever far and wide.

We are the children of the revolution,
and we build the bridges that once burnt.

Lone sheep have no place these days, let's stand as one.
Why don't people stand together as one, unite.

Or do you think your better on your own?
Track Name: Instincts

Hoist the sails for tomorrow's new beginnings,
Cast aside your woes and fears, throw it all away.
You need to bring back your ambitions,
not another unseen vision.

Give me the reason to believe in you,
refreshing a new hope that can see you through and through.

Your tears are like wolves, feeding on dreams & ripping them apart.
You will only be left, with the pain you beared from the start.

Drop your anchor out at sea,
The only place you will ever be free.
Welcoming to your instincts.
We will never again pretend.

Pick up the broken pieces.

Starting over isn't easy.

Keep me here in your arms, holding on to all I ever knew; I trust in you.
Giving me a verse to hold, deep inside my heart.
This is what makes me feel alive.

You know I tried to keep the best of what we had,
but something replaces me.

You're lost, you're missing, come back to who you once were.
I still don't know you.
Track Name: A Greater Cause Ft. Hayden Edwards | Hope In Hand

I can't see past the answers we're all looking for.
Let these questions past through the ages set in stone.
We will remember as the whole hearted held their ground.
We will remember everything that night,
Set to flame.

Will you remember as our hope was smashed to pieces once again?

How can I love with heart cold like the winter.
How can I care when your touch just gives me splinters.

These feelings tear us apart,
These words touched us from the start.
I still see you in my dreams but I am glad they're memories.
These feelings tear us apart,
These words touched us from the start.
I still see you in my dreams.

I've seen through your stories, your words hold no meaning.
You won't listen. You are content with who you are.
Open up your mind and see, you can be so much more.

You can't cover the scares deep inside your head.

Deep inside your head.